Butterflies flying and looping on a rollercoaster
Dipping low and soaring high, their wings rippling air inside
Weathered waves, cresting, crashing.
Growing larger to come tumbling down
Tsunami tumbles, giant grumbles
Blackness descends and the procession ends.

Butterflies replicate, wings flapping faster
They’re trying to escape the corrosive dark
Their ripple effect forces a tornado higher
The force of it all will deafen your call,
Will it become known that I am alone?

Butterflies of different colours: blue as the sky,
Pink as a flower, yellow as a sun, red as blood.
The rainbow is here, yet the sun is fading
Rain pelts down, Sun wears a frown,
Disappearing behind a cloud, thunder clapping really loud.

Butterflies pick up their speed, drowning out my need,
Everything churns, outer skin burns,
Everything’s black, carving their own track,
The fearsome sea has a grip hold of me,
Could it be hunger causing this pain,
Or is it fear of the burning, happening again?

© PersephoneM Mid 2008.

  1. July 19th, 2014

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