Future Life

Sailing away on the blue seven seas,
Or staying here anchored for all of the years.
Aiming so high so as to sail away,
Or remaining stagnant and able to play.
Climbing up the rungs of a career ladder,
Why can I think of nothing much sadder?
Controlled by your job and forced to stay late,
You’ll be home past their bedtime, maybe around eight.
In the grand scheme of life, it’s not all about work,
Yet don’t get me wrong, I hardly shirk.
Is it so wrong of me, to not want to be,
Something much higher and not what I aspire?

I guess it depends on what you want from life,
Working long hours, trouble and strife?
Is it earning lots of money and being in the green?
Of having the pure passion making you keen?
Is it being an expert and expanding your mind?
Of reading textbooks for fun and conversing in kind?
Is it having your own agenda and priorities?
Not doing your own work, never saying please?
Is it offering your help or caring for number one?
Learning and working until you are numb?
Is it wrong of me to not want all this?
Rather instead have my heart full of bliss.
I ask for a simple life, to be mother and wife,
I’d like decent money, not being funny.

But climbing high in work is like a nightmare,
With zombies, vampires and worse I can’t share.
As hard as I could work, try as I might,
I don’t wish to compete, to struggle and fight.
For all of her passion, desire and yearning,
She can have all the trouble and the nice earning.
Because whilst she’s crammed on that commuter train,
Throwing her young life and love down the drain,
Trying to still party and stay up until two,
Her body will fail to an eternal flu.
Her marriage will crumble and children will be none,
She’ll have money and career, but be only one.
I won’t miss their first word or their first step,
Be too tired to play or lose any pep.
All I want is a simple life and none of that strife,
So that at some point one day with them I can play.

Time with my honey is worth more than money,
Is that wrong?

© PersephoneM 20th March 2008.

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