To write or not to write, that is *the* question!

Not that anyone reads this, as far as I’m aware, anyway, but I have a free evening ahead of me whilst the husband’s watching a football match and I opened the story I’m working on, and…. nothing.

Why is it that after two nights of being busy, to the point that last night I was only indoors long enough to eat bananas and custard, I get the perfect opportunity of decent, solid, quality writing time and yet I just don’t have the urge? Maybe it’s because I’ve just eaten and am feeling a little sluggish? Maybe it’s because I received a review for a poem and now want to write poetry? Maybe it’s because I’ve been working on an epic poem and want to work on it? Maybe it’s because the story in question is nearing the end and the happy scenes are all done with?

I don’t know!!!!!

See, the story I’m writing is a simple-ish romance. It came to me one night in the middle of the night as I was suffering from insomnia. I don’t have ideas for original fiction as I tend to spend my life completely immersed in fan-fiction, so I knew I had to start working on it. And I did. I started working on a short story almost two months ago. Thing is, it’s no longer a short story and I have future plans for the main character. I’ve literally only got two, maybe three, scenes left to write and I just can’t bring myself to write it!


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