Woo! Good Day.

I’m not sure if I fully intended to try and write a blog everyday, I think I thought I would leave it to if  something warranted it, or if I felt like it, without setting myself goals and forcing something out of me.

My night kinda went to pot when, after some business meetings, I decided to do some gardening! I’m trying to stick to a timetable of writing, to work on different topics on different days. It’s in the futile attempt at keeping things fair, but then I go and use one of my two nights for Project A by gardening to the point that I forget to have dinner! Plus, husband was at work all evening so I really could have got lots of writing done. So, I’m feeling pretty crappy as the work in question normally has new chapters posted on a Monday. I failed! I didn’t post the next chapter, I didn’t work on the next chapter, I haven’t done any writing at all today.

However, I did spend 40 minutes researching one of the chapters and then got a review for a poem already on here, on a site that I forgot I had even joined. It was proper critique like I have only imagined before. Very happy girlie now!

Watching: Wonders of the Universe, the Prof has just been to Karnak temple. Love that place.

Consuming: Some yoghurty-biscuit bars. It’s my dinner!

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