My first ever blog!

Oh, isn’t this a scary, new world?

I’m not new to the internet, not by any means. Let’s see I’m… however old, and first joined a search engine/email provider group back when I was still in school. Simple maths makes that 13 years! In that time, I have had a few of my own websites, I have accounts on reviewing websites, I had my own photo site where all my friends could see my drunken pictures (way before social networks) and for the past month or two I have been regularly using numerous sites to post poetry. I have, in all of that time, never had my own blog.

Until now!

Not that I really have anything to say today. It’s been a quiet, average Sunday where I did go to the cinema and watched Paul. It was okay; it did make me laugh and I loved the nerdy stuff. Dude, I so want to go to comic con and a shout out to Collectormania! I was in geek heaven. Now that I’ve revealed my geekish roots, best I go!

Watching: Dancing On Ice Final.

Consuming: Random home made cocktail including Malibu, Bacardi, Peach Schnapps and Vodka.

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